Hope for children from vulnerable families in Vadul lui Voda

General information

Children in need are feeling lack of care at home and insufficient parent attention due to migration and other social problems like alcoholic parents, unemployment, and insufficient money for covering their essential needs. This brings new social problems like lost contact between children and parents, orphan children, children at risk, school abandon, criminality rate increase, street children, child rights neglected, degradation of personality. Further, this causes other problems like prostitution, criminality, child traffic and child abuse, psychological problems.According to the National Bureau of statistics, in 2019 1,150[1] children without parental care were registered, that is 139 less than in previous year (2018).  This number includes 599 children temporarily left without parental care.

As it is better and cheaper to prevent institutionalisation and separation from family than to heal the trauma. We consider important to have different approach to each case by providing different set of services to families where the children are at the risk to remain without parental care. The cooperation between Local Public Administration and our organization that is situated in Vadul lui Voda is established since 2006. We are planning to bring an improvement into lives of these families and show them other existing perspectives and prevent children from these families get into the children at risk category. This project will contribute to the achievement of 5 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda of the Republic of Moldova. 

Main objective of the project

Prevention of institutionalisation for children from 25 selected vulnerable families with children at risk of institutionalization.  

Project description

Within the project, 25 vulnerable families with children from Vadul lui Vodă will be selected to go through this rehabilitation program. We intend to take a holistic approach to these families with many children affected by poverty and support them with the necessary access to services and information. Thus we plan to make individualized support plans for each family and to offer according to the plan counseling services, workshops and seminars for parents and children, psychological counseling, speech therapy services, legal counseling, alcohol detoxification activities and we will provide individual assistance to families who in turn, it will help provide support for the basic needs of the family and ensure a decent standard of living. All these activities will contribute to the awareness of parents to invest more time and resources in education and health, will contribute to the lasting development of the child.

By working with vulnerable families, we will indirectly contribute to lowering the crime rate, drug addiction, and abuse in vulnerable environments. This will have an indirect impact on the whole community and the LPA.


Implementation period: 2021 – 2022
Commanded by : Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Political partner : Local Public Administration from Vadul lui Vodă

Budget: 73.500 EUR

Abordarea proiectului

The following four results, with the effect of mutual consolidation, ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Output 1 – Expert services for rehabilitation and reintegration provided to 25 vulnerable families. This supposes providing psychological counselling, providing speech therapist services, providing legal guidance, alcohol detoxification services with the purpose to rehabilitate parents. By receiving this assistance children will overcome their developmental deficiencies and will be able to reintegrate in their respective age and occupational groups. Improved conditions at home will contribute to prevention of children to get into risk situations.

Output 2 –  A program of individual assistance to support the families implemented by acquisition of the goods and services to improve living conditions and access to education for the children. This program will assist selected families and their minor members to improve their living conditions and ensure children reintegration in educational activities according to their age. The individual support program for families will target support of those expenses that contribute to better household conditions and goods needed for education.

Output 3 – Capacity development for a) kids on personal hygiene, healthy and safe lifestyle of kids (includes about 50 kids of the 25 families but also 30 the kids of the Children Centre for Temporary Placement from Vadul lui Voda (see target group) and b) for about 40 parents from 25 beneficiary families and other from remaining vulnerable families in the community.

Output 4 – Communication and awareness rising activities. We aim to make radio programs on topics that will raise the awareness of the problematic of children at risk and need to intervene with prevention actions. There will be information dissemination through different online social networks and media resources about the donor and project.

The activity is implemented within the project “Support for the Government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing the 2030 Agenda” funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).